All Moved In.

Yesterday I took some time to walk around this space that is now home to the Hingework Creative Lab.  I slowed down long enough to remember some of the things that have already unfolded in the days since September 27th of last year.  That was the day that we took ownership of this old cigar box factory and started working on this place.

From the middle of October until the first day of 2016 we worked.  My friends at Revolution Builders put a plan into place and took it one step at a time.  And we did it.  The Hingework Creative Lab is now home to photographers, designers, videographers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, creatives and friends.  It happened so quickly and decisions about the final construction details instantly gave way to questions about who was going to fill the space.  As those questions have been answered and the team has come together I realized that I haven't taken a lot of time to rest and look around the space.

Yesterday I did.  After everyone else left I paused for a moment and looked up at one of the light cages that hangs from the white ceiling.  Suddenly I remembered how much time Heather and I spent search for the right lights for the co-working space.  Then I noticed the ceiling and how it was white and I remembered how it had gotten painted black the first time around.  I remembered how dirty and how dusty this room had been and how I longed to see the new windows installed and the floor finished and the wall fixed.  I remembered the piles of industrial revolution era dust and grime that filled filled up the trash barrels as the team worked.  Tears came to my eyes as I reflected on these moments. It has been an incredible journey already and I wanted to share some of it with you.  We first walked through this building when it was for sale 1 year ago.  It feels like things have come a long way since then:)

The Hingework Creative Lab is a co-working space that is home to an amazing group of creatives that I am fortunate to call friends.  We each have our own businesses and dreams but we go after them together.  Our desks and work stations fill a room that was built as a cigar box factory in the mid 1800's.  The space also includes a studio/event space that houses our kitchen and a living room for us to connect with clients and friends. You can learn more about it on our site.  The team at Revolution Builders did an incredible job transforming this place and bringing forth my vision.   Here are a few of my favorite parts of the space that I get to share every day with our team.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality and to everyone who now calls Hingework home, I am grateful for each of you.  Enjoy this little tour of our space.